from PIL import Image
from PIL import ImageChops 
def compare_images(path_one, path_two, diff_save_location):
  @参数一: path_one: 第一张图片的路径
  @参数二: path_two: 第二张图片的路径
  @参数三: diff_save_location: 不同图的保存路径
  image_one =
  image_two =
    diff = ImageChops.difference(image_one, image_two)
    if diff.getbbox() is None:
    # 图片间没有任何不同则直接退出
      print("【+】We are the same!")
  except ValueError as e:
    text = ("表示图片大小和box对应的宽度不一致,参考API说明:Pastes another image into this image."
        "The box argument is either a 2-tuple giving the upper left corner, a 4-tuple defining the left, upper, "
        "right, and lower pixel coordinate, or None (same as (0, 0)). If a 4-tuple is given, the size of the pasted "
        "image must match the size of the region.使用2纬的box避免上述问题")
if __name__ == '__main__':